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Since 1978, when I began teaching capoeira in the United States, the number of people interested in this African-rooted art form has grown from a few curious individuals to a substantial community of more than 5,000 Americans. Valued as an expressive and enticing art from a different cultural context, a subject of academic study, a means of physical conditioning, and a form of self-defense, capoeira has captured the imagination and the attention of many.

My intention with this section is to write about the many aspects of capoeira that interest my students and me at the moment, including its history, traditions, training methods, music, techniques, styles and other contemporary issues. I intend to upload material frequently and I hope that this section lays the ground for a substantial discussion of meaningful issues to help those who want to gain a better understanding of capoeira. Please, feel free to send me your comments and suggestions.

Mestre Acordeon